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    Natalia Sherba

 Time is on our side

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

About me

I was born in the town of Molodechno, lived for a long time in Ukraine, among the Carpathians, and in 2020 I moved to Slovakia.

Since 2004 I have been writing fantasy stories. I have books such as “Timewizards” («Часодеи»), “Magicdol” (Чародол), “Moonasters” (Лунастры) and “Finista” (Финиста).

My books have already been published in seven European languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Bulgarian), thanks to which I communicate with readers from all over the world!

At the age of six, I invented and drew in pictures my first book about mermaids, which was called “Underwater World.” At thirteen, I wrote her first science fiction story about her classmates and an alien sparrow.

At the age of fourteen I went to the section of sports wushu - Chinese martial arts, and at twenty-one I moved to a dance studio of plastic drama.

At the same time, I graduated from a sewing college with a degree in outerwear tailor, then entered the Kyiv Academy of Design, which I dropped out of in the 4th year and graduated only six years later.

I had my own small atelier, where I designed evening dresses and costumes for performing arts, and studied ancient embroidery.

At twenty-five, I finally realized that I wanted to write, to compose magical stories.

Currently I am working on a new book, traveling a lot, studying foreign languages.


I believe in miracles, friendship, good people and that Time is always on our side!


If you want to know a little more about my books, check out the 

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